As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Sun and Moon Theatre: The Dell Stratford Upon Avon  July 2018


The sun shone brightly in the morning and brighter still as the day wore on. I don’t know what it is about Sun and Moon and Stratford.

“I see you’ve brought the weather with you again!”

Perhaps a little more moon and a little less sun next time. For the second year running the performances in The Dell coincide with the hottest day of the year. It’s baking but it doesn’t put off two audiences of several hundred. A retreat to the simpler life under the greenwood trees of the forest of Arden performed under the greenwood trees of the forest of Arden.* What could be nicer? Superb performances all round. Thank you all. This annual family jaunt to the banks of the Avon to watch Shakespeare is a highlight of the year. And once again Sun and Moon stage Shakespeare in a challenging, fun and accessible way in which the emerging and established talents of young Exeter based actors and musicians are given a worthy showcase.


fullsizeoutput_2696fullsizeoutput_2698DSC_0129DSC_0136DSC_0141fullsizeoutput_26a0DSC_0150DSC_0183DSC_0189DSC_0275DSC_0265DSC_0246DSC_0234DSC_0182DSC_0190DSC_0274DSC_0176DSC_0273DSC_0242DSC_0218*A lot of debate over this. Many say the play, As You Like It, is set in the French forest of Ardennes. I’m happy to agree but am pretty sure Shakespeare, whose mother was an Arden and whose birthplace is in the English forest of Arden was giving more than a nod to the place he called home. The Warwickshire trees made a perfect backdrop.

** I’m afraid I mislaid the programme notes so am unable to give credits. I may write a second blog and include my own musings on this remarkable play and this wonderful performance.