Midsummer Madness Theatre Company

July 2013

Some shots from rehearsal and set-up.

I have a few photographs from Midsummer Madness’ Twelfth Night from a few years ago. The archivist in me says I should use this blog to collect as complete a record as I can of our annual Shakespeare family picnics by the Avon. We’ve actually been going to watch Shakespeare plays in Stratford since 1976 but the RSC people aren’t that keen on you taking photographs of their plays so I settle for a pic or two of the free festival performances outside in The Dell: especially those with friends and family involved. The family picnics now rank with Christmas as occasions for the clan to come together. Actually its the only event that regularly attracts  from both branches of the family. Something that is often reserved for weddings elsewhere. We’ve been doing it for years now and not a single fight has broken out.

These are all of the set-up and last minute rehearsals. If memory serves this was not only an enjoyable performance but also a brave one with several last minute changes of cast and actors learning lines and moves in only a few days. The sun shines and crowds gather. It’s delightful to see the variety of people who are attracted to these plays; a far wider spectrum than you’ll find in the main houses. I like those who come across a play as they do their tourist stroll, decide to watch for a minute or two and are still there an hour later.