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Mostly Concerning Food

I’ve never made sourdough before but I’ve certainly enjoyed eating it. These pictures show the starter just after I’d fed in the second extra portion of flour and water and again 20 hours later. I’m quite excited. It seems just about ready to have a go at making my first loaf. The only problem is that I am out of bread flour and it is snowing heavily outside. I really don’t feel like leaving the fireside, and getting cold and wet, just to go to the shops. The forecast is good. Maybe I’ll do some baking this evening. And yes that is Paul Hollywood’s recipe book in the background.


The recipe said to discard half but I’m from the north of England. We don’t do much discarding. I started a second starter with a view to giving it away.


20 hours later. The red lines show how much the starter has grown in a small amount of time.