Mostly Concerning Food

It’s been a delightfully busy week. The pick axe has replaced the pen and I’ve sat down in the evening with every muscle sore. I’ve watched a bunch of world cup matches. I’m not an Eng-ger-land fan as such but I enjoyed the group of young fellows put up a good effort for the country. Made a change from the over paid clothes ponies we’ve allowed to disappoint us in the past. The sporting highlight was a sixty minute thump fest from Sydney where New South Wales and Queensland were determined to prove themselves as tough as iron. Once the fight was over we got 20 minutes of rugby to finish off the match. Absolutely riveting!

Food has all been on the hoof except a decent sit down roast dinner when Charlie and Frances paid a visit. The most delightful two hours of my week. An enormous amount of house and garden work remains to be done


I enjoy risotto enormously. Handling  and chopping good vegetables is a treat in itself.




Garlic, chestnut mushrooms, orange pepper, celery and red chilli.


Add onion and Basmati rice and a pint or more of chicken stock. A very generous cupful of frozen seafood towards the end. Half and hour of pleasant cooking and half an hour of sitting in the sun eating.


I will never get bored of poached eggs. There is no finer breakfast.


The toast needs to be good toast and it must be butter melting on the top.


Hot Pot with a choice of chutneys made earlier this year. Both the beetroot chutney and the spicy Rhubarb chutney went superbly well with this dish from my homeland.


There are very good raspberries available this year. I suppose this is a sort of Eton Mess. I prefer to think of it as a simple and delightful pudding. Yes, that is clotted cream in amongst the meringues and raspberries.


I’ve varied my snacks. I’m eating alone five days of the week (at lunch times). One day it is a simple punnet of apricots.


The next it is steak with potatoes and green beans. Both leave my feeling full and happy.


Another risotto. When the sun comes out I feel an urge to cook with rice. To take an hour off from my labours and sit and enjoy good food and  sunshine has been a regular pleasure this last fortnight.

IMGP4556 IMGP4558

This tortilla with melted cheese and tomato filling was my almost instant treat to eat while watching the State of Origin rugby match. There is no finer sporting occasion. If the world cup has shown football to be ninety minutes of people pretending to be hurt, them this was eighty minutes of strong men pretending it didn’t hurt. It bloody well did. It hurt to watch it. Especially if you came from Queensland.


A choice of apple sauce or crab apple jelly.


Roast pork, carrots, Jersey Royal potatoes, broccoli and delightful company. I don’t recognise father’s day… it was created for commercial reasons and has no place on my calendar. But, if I happen to have two children come for dinner on that day then I am more than capable of enjoying the occasion.


Happiness is a trifle made by my wife and enjoyed as a whole family.


Real happiness is having a second helping.


Roast pork and rocket sandwich taken on a dog walk in the sun.


A sneaky steak lunch with fried potatoes, grilled tomatoes and an egg laid by a hen called Pertelotte. In the background the geology text book that I pillaged for much of my recent series on the history of geology in Scotland. Geology is the perfect introduction to science. I plan on living long enough to be able to consider myself a scientist.


While digging a huge amount of concrete slabs out of the front garden I get the urge for a tin of soup. It serves me well for a quick and tasty lunch. It isn’t a patch on soup you make yourself, but sometimes it is just what you fancy.


Yet more steak but this time it is shared for an evening meal. The asparagus this year has been exceptional.


My favourite meal of the week. A classic. Despite eating well I have actually lost two inches around the waist in the past fortnight. There hasn’t been a lot of fat or sugar and there has been a heck of a lot of exercise. The garden looks much better for it, and I think I do too.



Enjoying the football. Have a nice week folks.